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Why Paleozoics are a great choice for the June 2017 format.

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Rin Okumura
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PostRin Okumura on Mon May 29, 2017 2:43 am

Alright. So, with the slaps on the wrist to Zoodiac variants, I can see their dominance possibly start to loosen. While they are still very powerful and will still be the #1 deck to beat in my personal opinion, I'd like to take a moment and discuss a rogue deck that everybody seems to have forgotten.
That being Paleozoics.

Paleozoics are very consistent, having access to 3 Pot of Duality, 3 Card of Demise and 3 reckless greed. Now, why exactly is this relevant? The deck is inherently grind focused to begin with, and almost all of your cards are Traps, so the special summoning restriction doesn't hurt them as it would faster archetypes. Furthermore, the way they function is that the Traps special summon themselves from the grave one at a time whenever you activate a Trap, letting reckless greed be a potential +2. They have many great effects that mimic several powerful cards in history. Olenoides is a MST, Dinomischus is a karma cut, Canadia is a Book of Moon, Leanchoilia is a Burial From the Different Dimension, Marrella is a Foolish Burial Goods for Traps, and Pikaya is a Destiny Draw. Every Paleozoic Trap, while on the field as a Monster, has built in protection from Monster effects, and is level 2, Water, Aqua. This is relevant because they can't be popped by Drident, Master Peace and so on, and their type gives them access to Toadally Awesome, a crucial card in their strategy to grind the opponent out of resources. Paleozoics also have a great searcher in the form of Opabinia, which lets you use Paleozoic Traps from your hand, letting them play around Cosmic Cyclone or Twin Twisters. The Frog engine allows them to play around Denko Sekka and Jinzo, and Pot of Desires can be played without too much drawback due to the slower pacing of the deck. And finally, their ease of access to powerful floodgates such as Imperial Order, Anti Spell Fragarance, Mas of restrict, rivalry of warlords and even Gozen Match with minimal suffering is incredible, because they don't rely on Spells or Pendulums, they don't tribute summon and most of your cards aren't really restricted by Gozen Match or rivalry due to them mostly having the same typing and attribute. All of this thrown into one archetype makes it hard to combat, however they struggle against big boss monsters with heavy protection such as Ultimate Falcon, Master Peace and many others, giving them one glaring weakness against True Dracos. That matchup aside, Paleozoics can grind most decks in the meta out with ease, and they are an excellent option if you dont want to burn your whole wallet on Zoos, Dinos or Dracos. I want to see what everybody else has to say on this topic, however I stand by my point in saying that Paleozoics could possibly rise in popularity and earn a place in the current metagame.


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Shura Blue
Shura Blue
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PostYuri~Senpai on Mon May 29, 2017 3:09 am

This is excellent work Rin i will probably being playing this deck a lot more during the June 2017 format.


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